Thursday, March 18, 2010

Before the stroke of midnight

Its a race.
Me vs the clock.
What IS time? Numbers. Numbers apply pressure. Pressure with money. Pressure with age.
Pressure with schedules.
The universal language is MATH.
The universal language is also and definitely more importantly, LOVE...
That is the language I speak fluently.
LOVE is the first language in my life.

I am in the middle of a painting and I only have till sunset to finish. It looks beautiful so far but it is not complete. I ignore the shade growing faster around me and focus on how beautiful this painting will be when it reaches completion. So many colors, so many ambitious strokes applied to tell the visual story... I only have to finish it. By completing this painting it will allow me to advance to my next painting. I desire a smooth transition. The clock ticks louder so I turn up the music keeping my mind busy with beauty, laughter and love. My neck is cramping and I don't care. I don't feel pain I only feel drive. Drive to accomplish my mission. I may walk away from this painting sore and tired after the journey it has put me through but I will glow with achievement inside and out. It's not easy to race the clock. My technique is to do all that I can do and after that I rely on LOVE.
Love for everything in my world and all of the love that is returned to me from my world.
Love is a powerful source of inspiration and energy.

With every minute passing the shade grows closer to me. I stay graceful. I do not want the pressure of the clock to interfere with my creative energy and high spirits... I need them to be strong if I am going to accomplish this mission... and that is exactly what I am going to do. This painting is going to have so much more value to it than I ever imagined when starting it. The push of that clock on my back applies challenges that could throw me off if I really and truly did not believe in what I am trying to succeed. Clearly that is not the case.

I am very loyal to my dreams and I KNOW my dreams stay loyal to me.
I am loyal to my ideas.
I am loyal to my ART.
I am very loyal to being TRUE and really LIVING my life allowing it to be my biggest masterpiece.
I will succeed.
Every new day IS success.
The picture is clear in my mind and it's slowly revealing itself outside my mind through every last bit of my actions. The shade is creeping closer to my toes. So I move them further away and stay concentrated on my task. Its the moment of truth, home stretch approaches and the clock is almost growling at me now. I am hypnotized by my sharp attention. I see nothing but bringing this painting to full life. It is my vision. It deserves to LIVE.
I can do this. I am will do this. I am doing this.

Its about to be done.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Twirling to sleep

Where are you?
I am exactly where i am supposed to be.
I want to run and I want to fly. I want to sail away into the seas of my desire.
I don't know when I will arrive nor do I let the clock drive me. It is not the point.
The point is to live. LIVE EVERYTHING.
I live with passion. I live with trust. I live
with my eternal question being "what is my next source of inspiration?"...
Inspiration is what feeds my soul to grow its enlightened state of existence. To be connected is the ultimate gift. It reminds me every new day that I wake to one more and every night that I lay to another, that I am truly blessed...

Everyday I realize more and more how much power we have as humans to achieve we want for ourselves in our journey of life. Nothing is easy and nothing is hard. It is all what we choose it to be. We can choose to see a limit to our dreams or we can choose to dream BIG and seeing nothing but achieving them. If you can see it in your mind than its yours for the taking. Words I put together. Words that I believe in and live by. I sense a turn of a chapter directly in front of me. Mystery sits on one shoulder. Faith sits on the other. They hold hands appreciating one another keeping my love for life shining around me. A light so bright that fear or doubt can never get close. I believe in magic. I believe that words that can inspire are like magic so let me pull a rabbit out of my hat for you: "Don't rush into things, savor them more. Be more deliberate and specific about the plans that you are making, and in all that you do, let your your desire for feeling good be your guide"... This is simply gorgeous. Words that I want to put in a locket and carry around my neck where I can keep it closer to my heart everyday. What a brilliant reminder. Slow down so you can pay attention to what you are focusing on or maybe GROW a focus if you don't have one. Don't let numbers rule your spirit. let go of money, age, or time and what would you want to do, see, have and feel? Stay connected to THAT. I am not preaching. I am feeling and I am sharing. Why? Who knows? I do. I am supposed to be in this room and I have left the door open for you to come in and make your self at home. Morning is around the corner so its time for me to go explore my subconscious again...after all I cannot cheat myself of dreams that I earned after making it through another beautiful day of life. Tomorrow is a new opportunity with brand new possibilities and brings me one day further on this bridge I'm building to take me from where I am now to everywhere I want to be... There is much to be excited about it and I plan to undress it slowly so I can savor the taste of it...every beloved step of the way....