Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Focused Distractions

Sometimes we must take chances by throwing ourselves over the ledges in life that challenge us with the mystery of the unknown; facing any fears that may arise while in the pursuit of our passions.  Gaining a reward from your brave acts of action can come in many different ways. A definite reward is to be able to witness your self not except limits while going for what ever it is that your heart desires in spite of any challenges that step in your way.  Your self confidence and self love will be heightened and THAT i feel is one of the best rewards you can gain in life

Transitions are always upon us but I believe there are certain times in our lives when influential transitions that act as a statement piece present themselves to us and sometimes when you very least expect it.  I can sense in my heart this transition I'm entering is going to effect me in a very monumental and healthy way.  

Although this transition is providing me with so much mystery that's forcing me to be a braver, stronger and more focused me; im embracing every second of this moment. I know and truly feel in my heart that i am exactly where im supposed to be, doing exactly what i am supposed to and the results from it are going to light up my shine to be brighter than ever before.  I'm encouraging her to come out and play.

With so many life thoughts floating around my mind, my focus is being summoned to come on deck and start performing with extra intensity.  There is so much to accomplish, so much to achieve... I only have to continue to work hard and believe...

This month is a powerful month in my life. Its my birthday month.  My instincts are pinching at me and telling me to be ready. Be ready for the force that's coming my way to redecorate my life, be ready to enjoy the change because its the gift from my choices I've made and the hard work I've put in over the years.  I am also being asked to be patient in the process.  Don't worry about when its coming just know that it is upon me and be ready. Being prepared for your life is so important.  

So here I am gearing myself with preparation for the unknown to come out and reveal itself to me... I cannot wait to discover what life is going to offer me around this big corner,,, The oneness of my mind and heart are excited for me so I know it's going to be really, really good... 


Saturday, March 17, 2012


I went for a walk
the air was crisp
the sky was royal
the birds were nesting and no where to be found
I listened closely
I could hear my heart beat with every step i took
I learned something
Im in this world and this world is my mind
rich with color
full of life
passing grey periods only make for more light
at the end of the tunnels
I can clearly see
what is there waiting for me
my dreams, my goals, my thoughts, my wishes
my imagination
my hard work
my focus
my art...
I am romanced on this walk
falling in love with every breath i take
what a gift
to think
to know
to hope
to have
to desire...
there is no ultimate
there is no limit
go with it
pushing myself further every day
I have a big appetite for living
I have a insatiable thirst for dreaming
so with every step i took on my walk
I became closer to the beat of my heart
synchronicity is a form of bonding
we will stay together
together we are unstoppable
I will continue to spin golden dreams
Dreams that shine so bright the darkest days will still offer a glow
A glow to keep me coming forward
A glow to keep me inspired
The night air kissed my face
Promising me that with tomorrows new day
I will wake to the love that life has for me
together we will turn our romance into actions
actions that grow flowers tall
actions that make skies bright
actions that will put my art on stage so it can be felt
I couldn't ask for more...


Sunday, August 14, 2011


My dreams kept me awake. I have been absent from my love here. I knew it was only a matter of time. Quieting my mind and entering my heart, I need to be alone with her...
She's been stringing at me, asking me to please come back into this room where we love each other with NOTHING else to feel but the bliss of our ONEness...
I close my eyes to see what exists in my life. 
I open them to appreciate it all.
I love where I am. I love where I am going. 
My mantra each day is to "MOVE LIKE WATER"
The moon rises and offers me light to stand in. I look at the glowing space that surrounds me and understand this is all so very meant to be...
Nature never stands still... maybe this is why I am so in love with her...
Nothing is ever the same. Change is always on the horizon. We humans are a form of Nature and yet so many find it so difficult to deal with change. Interesting...
I can't imagine my life with out all of the changes I have encountered. I have never believed in LIFE offering me any security. There is NO security that comes from outside of your heart and the relationship you have with her.
I trust in my heart and let her truth determine my route. She will never let me down. Challenges have and will continue to rise.
How else would you be able to know who you are?
When they come I am forced to take a bigger look around.
I welcome that view.
Wrangling my loud thoughts and carefully planting the flowers I want to grow in my garden. Its all up to ME. I look above and know their is space in the sky for my light so I push past the rolling clouds to shine brighter. There is so much power to find in yourself if you can just keep an open path from your mind to your heart. They are the best of friends and when they are working together in harmony, well your world becomes almost magical...
I am no expert. I am simply me. I only want to know how to be the master of MY days and look forward to everything I can learn from within them. I look inside to find the truth then I surround myself with it. Fear is the opposite of Courage. Sometimes you have to fight to stay on your side. Fight hard and fight brave. Love will always save the day.
I've opened the windows to feel the breeze come through my room... I welcome her soft, velvet like touch on my skin... She's taking me with her and I am ready to go. I don't know what's around this corner but I do know that I won't stop until I get there....
Inspirations are so important.
I am walking through my day dreams and building them a bridge to my reality. They belong together as one. THIS is my life. THIS is my art.
Never stop believing. One foot goes in front of the other. Take your time, its a gift so don't waste it. I take a sip of water and drink it slowly. There is much to look forward to. There is much to learn and discover. The future is one minute ahead of this moment. Its time to go....

"Everything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable surprise, gratifies its curiosity, and gives it an idea of which it was not before possessed."


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Luck

The sounds of my music entice me to be inside here, my favorite room while the grey skies outside my window calm my desire to be outside; a perfect collaboration to get me in the mood...

I have a little "good luck" bamboo tree in my bathroom and its been adding its beauty to my home for just over two years now. It sits in small, narrow glass vase and came with 3 stems.

Now I love plants but truth be told that this little tree was perfect for me because it needed very little care. I just put some water in her vase when I noticed it getting low and that's it.

About a year ago the vase fell to the ground spilling all the little pebbles and the bamboo stems out onto the floor. "Luckily" the vase did not break but one of the stems did. I cleaned up all the pebbles and put the remaining two stems back in the vase with love, placing it back in her spot. I thought about getting a new one because part of what makes this plant "lucky" is the Ancient Chinese belief behind what the 3 stalks stand for: Bring Fu (Happiness), Lu (Wealth) and Soh (Longevity).

I ended up opting out of buying a new tree because this bamboo plant was not a" lucky" charm nor was it just a decoration in my bathroom. This tree actually became a living existence in my home with me. Do I sound crazy? Maybe. But I am an artist so I can get away with sounding that way...

A few months ago I started to notice that my "lucky" bamboo tree's vase had a new little root growing inside of it. It kind of excited me for some odd reason. Maybe it was because I never gave up on her. When she fell to the ground, I picked her up and let her get back to living and from that moment she continued on her mission to grow, maybe even with more drive to live.

I have been working so hard over the past few years to lay down a strong foundation that will support my growth and bring me closer to accomplishing all of what my heart desires. I have made many sacrifices in the process for my purpose which some might say is being "mature" but I choose to recognize it as being focused. The road Ive been on has given me many obstacles all of which I look back feeling grateful for because from them, I have GROWN to be all the woman I am in this moment today.

My "lucky" bamboo tree now has two new little sprouting stems of life growing from her vase. She is blossoming to a new level of life. It didn't matter how small the path was to get there, she has stayed on course persistence and with a strong purpose. I have been loving her the whole way. Her timing aligns so perfectly with all that is currently blossoming in my life. Is it her "luck" or rather that we never quit. Not when falling to the floor, no matter how narrow the path looked at times, we pushed through the pebbles that made our path more challenging and now we have new life growing from it all.

Its an exciting time, a time that is now driving my purpose even stronger. I want to continue growing. I want to continue learning. I want to continue sharing. My little bamboo tree has been sharing her beauty with me over the past couple of years and I have been sharing my love and home for her to grow in. Support from those you love and love you is so important. Strength of purpose and self belief is just as important. Don't quit. Keep striving.
Grow your life and do not forget to celebrate the journey of it... Perseverance is priceless...


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ma FenĂȘtre

Mercury is spinning backwards so lets see how far I can go...
Think back, think hard. Move forward. Stay right where you are.
NEVER. I move like water fluid with curves.
I want to be a poem and I want to share.
I sense haste trying to get my attention. I ignore it... I don't have time for that. I'm closing my eyes so I can see what life has to offer me today...
I'm Feeling my way through every minute and I am in the mood...
The mood to lose myself to my daydreams...
To be seduced by my creativity. I have crawled deep inside myself to be here in this favorite room of mine and I am only just getting warmed up... I could be here all day and very well may be. I have earned this time with myself and I plan to indulge in it. Its so romantic actually... I want to paint for us. I want to bleed the colors of love all over a canvas. It will be a masterpiece becauseI will create from my heart.There is no other way to create in my world.
Dreaming away and casting a spell on my life. Growing my garden so beautiful, the World will feel my Love. Love is the center of my existence. I'm falling for life with in every new day; I flirt, I seduce, I enrapture my thoughts to move me forward one step at a time.
I stay in tune with the frequencies of NOW while embracing what was yesterday; from this tomorrow is born with thought and purpose.
Mystery can be sexy or it can be frightening. Knowing can be comforting or it can be boring. Hoping can be a leap of faith or a lack of confidence.
The lights outside flash before me or do they flash for me?
The questions are just as important as the answers and sometimes more fun...
I don't always want a period to at the end of my sentence. Sometimes the End is really just a new beginning and sometimes the End is a statement piece.
Accessories can make the outfit.
We have so many choices when we look outside our window. The question is how big is your view?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Turning the Corner...

One of life's great gifts to us.
An element that allows us to explore our character and grow our selves if we chose to. The Sun is rising, sleep was broken. Dreams are vivid while my eyes are open.
The clock ticks down my back whispering in my ears "try to beat me if you can."
Its an illusion. Its all an illusion... If Time flys then we are the pilot.
I am currently masterminding as I turn this corner.
Meditating on the idea that I am growing myself in preparation for the Greatness that awaits me if I stay on my path. If Time does exist then the Time is Now.
The Sun is rising and I ask him take me up where I too can shine high and bright...
I am ready.
I have answered every floating question in my mind that has tried to challenge me.
I answer with Love and Strength of Purpose.
They can't beat me. I know that is not their goal. They are there to remind me.
Every time I answer these floating questions, I have to take in my own answers and
So I win.
I win because I am Strong. I am Love. I have a straight path in front of me and their distractions do not make me look to the left nor to the right.
I stop to Laugh, to Dance, to Dream.
Life with no Curves is boring.
Today will be beautiful because I will make it so.
I am an Artist after all and even when the Clouds come out to play I prefer to except the invitation rather than hide and wait for the Sun. Staying active through life's every moment, rain or shine is a sure way to live a fulfilled one.
Simply complex.
That even looks beautiful to read doesn't it?
This is how I want to be experienced and remembered by all that I encounter.
I have been laying down layers in my life, building it up steadily with patience.
Carefully seeing that it is filled with Bright colors, Luscious flavors, Interesting textures, and Memorable patterns.
I am proud of what I accomplishing. I am proud because I am doing it all while simply being ME.
Some of my best performances have been done when challenges presented themselves to me and tried to throw me off my course.
Poor challenges.
They soon learn that there is no such thing.
My dreams and I are deeply in Love with each other.
We are destined to meet.
There is nothing, no one, that can put me off my course.
Strangely though, I appreciate the efforts.
They allow me to experience ME to the fullest and grow.
I am a very brave soul and when I turn this corner, I will see that my efforts are met with rewards more powerful than the challenges I've faced to get to them.
So here I am. In love with my destiny, facing the Challenges that test me, and laughing inside because I can already see a glimpse of what is around this bend...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Let's go shall we?

Where you ask?

You don't need that answer, just close your eyes and give my your hand.

Together we will slide around corners and jump across bridges.

The stars in the sky invite us to come out and play...

They flirt with us and whisper "there is no limit, they only exist if you put them there..."

Things are moving forward, champagne colored skies quench my thirst.

I'm hungry and life feeds me by the hand.

Where am I right now?


I could lay down on a cloud right now, close my eyes and silence the world around me.

Fall in to me.

Breathing in my world and breathing out more Life.

Vibrant, bold, I dare myself to go further, faster, stronger than yesterdays pace.

All in good time for life should not exist in haste.

Haste brings waste and not one minute of life should EVER be wasted.

Step by step my visions come out from with in and stare back at me with a smile...

Create with passion, influence with love, grow with wisdom making EVERY DAY a success.

Believe in YOU and the world will applaud for a brave performance.

Don't be fooled.


Its your story, be it, own it, LIVE IT.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing in the sand...

Waking up to the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves. The birds speak in languages that only they are blessed to understand. The piano soothes my mind while the violins string at my emotions, stirring them up beautifuly so they come out to play here. So much has been circling my universe in the recent months. Change has been a major theme to it all and it has produced some amazing energy for me to dance with. I often write about how important I feel it is to stay aware. To be present in every moment because really, that is all that we know we have. Being present in each moment until the next blesses us with its arrival. When you truly exist on this level you are able to take in so much more LIFE. Well I have been away for too long from my writing and only for positive reasons but now I am back and can express how much LIFE I have been taking in through my recent absence.

Summer came and went. It brought fourth so much goodness by means of friends, family, love, and an upswing with work. Fall departed and slowly winter creeps. Still proving to be mostly filled with exciting progress and events that bring laughter but there is always a yin to the yang and tears have also been shed on to my face.

Life brings death and death brings life. The irony is tragic and beautiful all at the same time. Everything true will come in form of a circle. The circle of LIFE. Love is whole when there are no edges, only curves. Death reminds us of life and if we stay aware everyday, we will never take a minute for granted because that minute is a gift and we ultimately never know when it will be our last.

My outlook in life is evident through my writing. I live choosing to believe that my destiny is filled with love, light, and accomplishments. I work on seeing that come to life every day that I LIVE. That’s just it, I choose to LIVE and not just be alive. I cherish the ones I love every single day. I walk around smelling the roses no matter how busy and focused I can get while in the process of working towards my goals. Nature plays such a big role in my world. Nature is real and reminds us what is true and important every time we are in touch with it. Gratefully I am a surfer and that bond will always keep me intertwined with Nature. No matter how city I live and adore the inspirations that grows from it, Nature will always be the ruler of my world...

There was a day that came this past summer that started something new and fresh. Playing with the sand as words flowed like a river after rain. Laughter that had the essence of “how I have longed to be here” in it. A feeling of surprising contentment was evident. Mystery was unleashed from it all and paved a road to an adventure. So far this adventure has enhanced my energy and continues to impress me with its undeniable charm… So much more to come with each sunset and sunrise. No expectations on this journey, simply appreciation and encouragement for the best. Time proves so much…

I sometimes feel like I have unlocked that very secret door to life. That I have learned the unspoken language of the gods, that I have tapped into the ultimate understanding of truth… this is my life, I live it with LOVE, integrity and NONSTOP appreciation for all that exists within it. There is so much more to learn. I continue to learn, create and to dream everyday… this is my fountain of youth…

The wind howls outside… What are you telling me sweet wind? You have my attention. She moves all that needs to be moved. She moves me with her strength and every changing beauty. I am so romanced by Nature… There is NOTHING more powerful than her to keep us grounded. This is my love story and I choose to LIVE it….