Friday, February 11, 2011

Turning the Corner...

One of life's great gifts to us.
An element that allows us to explore our character and grow our selves if we chose to. The Sun is rising, sleep was broken. Dreams are vivid while my eyes are open.
The clock ticks down my back whispering in my ears "try to beat me if you can."
Its an illusion. Its all an illusion... If Time flys then we are the pilot.
I am currently masterminding as I turn this corner.
Meditating on the idea that I am growing myself in preparation for the Greatness that awaits me if I stay on my path. If Time does exist then the Time is Now.
The Sun is rising and I ask him take me up where I too can shine high and bright...
I am ready.
I have answered every floating question in my mind that has tried to challenge me.
I answer with Love and Strength of Purpose.
They can't beat me. I know that is not their goal. They are there to remind me.
Every time I answer these floating questions, I have to take in my own answers and
So I win.
I win because I am Strong. I am Love. I have a straight path in front of me and their distractions do not make me look to the left nor to the right.
I stop to Laugh, to Dance, to Dream.
Life with no Curves is boring.
Today will be beautiful because I will make it so.
I am an Artist after all and even when the Clouds come out to play I prefer to except the invitation rather than hide and wait for the Sun. Staying active through life's every moment, rain or shine is a sure way to live a fulfilled one.
Simply complex.
That even looks beautiful to read doesn't it?
This is how I want to be experienced and remembered by all that I encounter.
I have been laying down layers in my life, building it up steadily with patience.
Carefully seeing that it is filled with Bright colors, Luscious flavors, Interesting textures, and Memorable patterns.
I am proud of what I accomplishing. I am proud because I am doing it all while simply being ME.
Some of my best performances have been done when challenges presented themselves to me and tried to throw me off my course.
Poor challenges.
They soon learn that there is no such thing.
My dreams and I are deeply in Love with each other.
We are destined to meet.
There is nothing, no one, that can put me off my course.
Strangely though, I appreciate the efforts.
They allow me to experience ME to the fullest and grow.
I am a very brave soul and when I turn this corner, I will see that my efforts are met with rewards more powerful than the challenges I've faced to get to them.
So here I am. In love with my destiny, facing the Challenges that test me, and laughing inside because I can already see a glimpse of what is around this bend...

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