Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ma Fenêtre

Mercury is spinning backwards so lets see how far I can go...
Think back, think hard. Move forward. Stay right where you are.
NEVER. I move like water fluid with curves.
I want to be a poem and I want to share.
I sense haste trying to get my attention. I ignore it... I don't have time for that. I'm closing my eyes so I can see what life has to offer me today...
I'm Feeling my way through every minute and I am in the mood...
The mood to lose myself to my daydreams...
To be seduced by my creativity. I have crawled deep inside myself to be here in this favorite room of mine and I am only just getting warmed up... I could be here all day and very well may be. I have earned this time with myself and I plan to indulge in it. Its so romantic actually... I want to paint for us. I want to bleed the colors of love all over a canvas. It will be a masterpiece becauseI will create from my heart.There is no other way to create in my world.
Dreaming away and casting a spell on my life. Growing my garden so beautiful, the World will feel my Love. Love is the center of my existence. I'm falling for life with in every new day; I flirt, I seduce, I enrapture my thoughts to move me forward one step at a time.
I stay in tune with the frequencies of NOW while embracing what was yesterday; from this tomorrow is born with thought and purpose.
Mystery can be sexy or it can be frightening. Knowing can be comforting or it can be boring. Hoping can be a leap of faith or a lack of confidence.
The lights outside flash before me or do they flash for me?
The questions are just as important as the answers and sometimes more fun...
I don't always want a period to at the end of my sentence. Sometimes the End is really just a new beginning and sometimes the End is a statement piece.
Accessories can make the outfit.
We have so many choices when we look outside our window. The question is how big is your view?

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