Saturday, March 17, 2012


I went for a walk
the air was crisp
the sky was royal
the birds were nesting and no where to be found
I listened closely
I could hear my heart beat with every step i took
I learned something
Im in this world and this world is my mind
rich with color
full of life
passing grey periods only make for more light
at the end of the tunnels
I can clearly see
what is there waiting for me
my dreams, my goals, my thoughts, my wishes
my imagination
my hard work
my focus
my art...
I am romanced on this walk
falling in love with every breath i take
what a gift
to think
to know
to hope
to have
to desire...
there is no ultimate
there is no limit
go with it
pushing myself further every day
I have a big appetite for living
I have a insatiable thirst for dreaming
so with every step i took on my walk
I became closer to the beat of my heart
synchronicity is a form of bonding
we will stay together
together we are unstoppable
I will continue to spin golden dreams
Dreams that shine so bright the darkest days will still offer a glow
A glow to keep me coming forward
A glow to keep me inspired
The night air kissed my face
Promising me that with tomorrows new day
I will wake to the love that life has for me
together we will turn our romance into actions
actions that grow flowers tall
actions that make skies bright
actions that will put my art on stage so it can be felt
I couldn't ask for more...


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