Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Luck

The sounds of my music entice me to be inside here, my favorite room while the grey skies outside my window calm my desire to be outside; a perfect collaboration to get me in the mood...

I have a little "good luck" bamboo tree in my bathroom and its been adding its beauty to my home for just over two years now. It sits in small, narrow glass vase and came with 3 stems.

Now I love plants but truth be told that this little tree was perfect for me because it needed very little care. I just put some water in her vase when I noticed it getting low and that's it.

About a year ago the vase fell to the ground spilling all the little pebbles and the bamboo stems out onto the floor. "Luckily" the vase did not break but one of the stems did. I cleaned up all the pebbles and put the remaining two stems back in the vase with love, placing it back in her spot. I thought about getting a new one because part of what makes this plant "lucky" is the Ancient Chinese belief behind what the 3 stalks stand for: Bring Fu (Happiness), Lu (Wealth) and Soh (Longevity).

I ended up opting out of buying a new tree because this bamboo plant was not a" lucky" charm nor was it just a decoration in my bathroom. This tree actually became a living existence in my home with me. Do I sound crazy? Maybe. But I am an artist so I can get away with sounding that way...

A few months ago I started to notice that my "lucky" bamboo tree's vase had a new little root growing inside of it. It kind of excited me for some odd reason. Maybe it was because I never gave up on her. When she fell to the ground, I picked her up and let her get back to living and from that moment she continued on her mission to grow, maybe even with more drive to live.

I have been working so hard over the past few years to lay down a strong foundation that will support my growth and bring me closer to accomplishing all of what my heart desires. I have made many sacrifices in the process for my purpose which some might say is being "mature" but I choose to recognize it as being focused. The road Ive been on has given me many obstacles all of which I look back feeling grateful for because from them, I have GROWN to be all the woman I am in this moment today.

My "lucky" bamboo tree now has two new little sprouting stems of life growing from her vase. She is blossoming to a new level of life. It didn't matter how small the path was to get there, she has stayed on course persistence and with a strong purpose. I have been loving her the whole way. Her timing aligns so perfectly with all that is currently blossoming in my life. Is it her "luck" or rather that we never quit. Not when falling to the floor, no matter how narrow the path looked at times, we pushed through the pebbles that made our path more challenging and now we have new life growing from it all.

Its an exciting time, a time that is now driving my purpose even stronger. I want to continue growing. I want to continue learning. I want to continue sharing. My little bamboo tree has been sharing her beauty with me over the past couple of years and I have been sharing my love and home for her to grow in. Support from those you love and love you is so important. Strength of purpose and self belief is just as important. Don't quit. Keep striving.
Grow your life and do not forget to celebrate the journey of it... Perseverance is priceless...


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